Batemans - Mocha Beer

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Description according to label:

This wonderfully creamy, rich indulgence contains real Arabica coffee and Belgian Chocolate. We suggest serving in a large wine glass for maximum aroma.

Batemans are great family brewers who have been brewing beer in their windmill on the beautiful bank of the River Steeping in Lincolnshire since 1874. Visit the fantastic Victorian Brewhouse, sit out by the river, enjoy the food and beer, play the old pub games, discover the 4,500 bottled beer collection and investigate the fascinating exhibits. Fun for all the family!

Labels: Batemans
Special beer
Alcohollevel: 6.0 %
Bottlevolume: 0.5 Liter
Bottletypes: Glass bottle
Water, barley malt, wheat malt, hops, coffee, Belgian Chocolate

George Bateman and Son Ltd
Salem Bridge Brewery
PE24 4JE Wainfleet
Great Britain

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