Meantime - Chocolate

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Description according to label:

Chocolate and beer! Are we mad? We'd rather say passionate. We marry the soothing flavour of this complex malt barley grist with a hint of dark chocolate. This is a beer for your more self-indulgent moments. Great for lazy afternoons or long evenings, it is best served chilled with your feet up, watching the sun go down. Like we say - chilled. 

Brewed to a unique recipe devised by Alastair Hook, Brewer, owner & founder Meantime Brewing CO. LTD. The Greenwich Brewery.

Labels: Meantime
Chocolate beer, Special beer
Alcohollevel: 6.5 %
Bottlevolume: 0.65 Liter
Bottletypes: One way bottle (glass) bottle
Water, barley malt, wheat, gluten

Meantime Brewing CO. LTD The Greenwich Brewery
Penhale RD 2a
SE10 OAR London
Great Britain

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