Rodenbach - Anno 1821

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Description according to label:

Rodenbach is unique Belgian brew known as the Flemish red-brown beer. It is recognized throughout Belgium as a "Traditional Regional" product. A mixed fermentation beer, Rodenbach is matured in oak vats, giving it a sweet-sour taste and complex bouquet akin to fine wines. An easily degistable beer, Rodenbach is a blend of "young" beer (3/4) and beer that has matured for over two years (/1/4).

Labels: Rodenbach
Belgian beer
Alcohollevel: 5.2 %
Bottlevolume: 0.25 Liter
Bottletypes: Glass bottle
Water, malt, hops, maize, sugar

N.V. Palm Breweries S.A.
Steenhuffeldorp 3
1840 Steenhuffel

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