Samuel Smith's - Imperial Stout

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Description according to label:

This distinctive type of beer was originally brewed to withstand the abuses of shipping in foul weather to Imperial Russia. It was a favourite of Russian nobility whose taste for the finest food and drink was world famous.

A rich flavourful brew; deep chocolate in colour with a roasted barley nose and flavour that is a complexity of malt, hops, alcohol and yeast. Fermented in 'stone Yorkshire squares'.

Serving suggestions - Espresso coffee; Stiton and walnuts; baked sultana and lemon cheesecake; steak au poivre; caviar; rich apricot glazed bread; coffee trifle with roasted almonds.

Best served at about 15° C.

Labels: Samuel Smith's
Alcohollevel: 7.0 %
Bottlevolume: 12 fl. oz
Bottletypes: Glass bottle
Water, barley malt, roasted malt, yeast, hops, cane sugar, seawed finings, carbon dioxide

Samuel Smith Old Brewery
High Street
LS24 9SB Tadcaster
Great Britain

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Kiosk Reichenbachbrücke

Fraunhoferstraße 46
80469 München
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