Strathaven Ales - Craigmill Mild

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Description according to label:

Craigmill Mild is named after the 17th Century flour mill that is now the brewery, and the dark mild beer was typical of what would have been brewerd at that time.

The low alcohol strength would also be typical, as the town water available was of dubious quality and not normally suitable for consumption.

Traditionally hand brewed using a blend of American hops producing a chocolate aroma with a subtle orange zest aftertaste.

Labels: Strathaven Ales
Special beer
Alcohollevel: 3.5 %
Bottlevolume: 0.5 Liter
Bottletypes: Glass bottle
Water, barley malt, hops, yeast

Strathaven Ales / Craigmill Brewery

ML 10 6 PB Strathaven
Great Britain

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