Williams Bros Brewing - Profanity Stout

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Description according to label:

Rich, dark and dry hopped. Micro-brewed for maximum flavour!

Profanity Stout is the first in the Williams Bros. 'chapeau' series, in which we celebrate the skills of amateur brewers whose beers we think are exceptional and should be made available to a wider audience.

With Profanity Stout we doff our caps to Peter and Craig, the 'Balls to the Wall' brewing duo, who developed this recipe as students on the brewing course at Edinburgh's Heriot Watt University.

The beer is a blend of rich coffe and intensely fruity hop aromas on a base of full velvety malty mouthfeel.

Labels: Williams Bros Brewing
Alcohollevel: 7.0 %
Bottlevolume: 0.33 Liter
Bottletypes: Glass bottle
Water, barley malt, wheat, hops, yeast, oats

Williams Bros. Brewing Co.
New Alloa Brewery
FK10 INT Alloa
Great Britain

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